To My Dad

If you pour 100 million gallons of water on a mountain at once you will change nothing about that mountain, but if you trickle that same amount of water down the mountain continuously for 10 years you will see change, you will slowly move that mountain.

My dad said in our last conversation that God says we can move mountains if we had enough faith. He told me that he wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but “Jenny, don’t you dare give in on your mission, you keep searching to uncover this truth”.  This conversation left a big mark on my heart.  This last  conversation is part of the fire in my soul to birth the Entelechy Life Community.  I believe my dad knew that truth – the truth of being a seeker not just a believer. The truth of Faith, the truth that Faith must consist of perseverance and dedication to plant the seeds and cultivate the life we desire, no matter how terrible our current harvest may be.  Our thoughts, beliefs and actions must resemble that constant trickle of water to move the mountains in our lives. To achieve great things, we must show up every day, cultivate those seeds, and focus on consistency. This is faith.

Entelechy life’s mission is to help you learn how to plant and cultivate the seeds for a healthy life; to help you show up every day and ride the river of life; to help you handle the rapids so you stay the course; to help you transform and move your mountains to create the life you desire.

Thank you Dad for the wisdom and lessons you taught me.  During my last visit with you, you also shared that you wished you had accomplished more in your life like your grandfather Dr. Corydon M. Wassell.  But, you said that you thought that your purpose was your children – William, Becky and I.  I promise you dad that your purpose moves on through Entelechy Life and through Entelechy Life many lives will be saved.    

I hope you knew the impact those short, seemingly un purposeful conversations had on your little girl.



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