Holistic Functional Medicine in Wichita, KS

Our job is to help you live your best life! We know that you are tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with life. We understand how frustrating it is not understanding WHY you feel the way you do! Let us introduce you to functional medicine.

Functional Medicine: A Process of Discovery

When you work with our Wichita functional medicine team, we will guide you through a process of discovery! 

You will discover the obstacles in your way and the right plan for YOU to overcome them.  Entelechy (pronounced as /ənˈteləkē/ ) means “the realization of potential.” If you’re on this site, then you’re most likely ready to reach your full potential. This approach is right for you since you are ready to take control of your health. 

We don’t believe in quick fixes. However, we do believe that every person’s body has the ability to embark on a healing journey. We want to help you learn about how your body works, and that takes you being committed to making transformative lifestyle changes. Ready to get started?

Are You Ready for a New Approach to Health?

Entelechy life is not your conventional medical practice. It’s not even your ordinary ‘alternative’ clinic. Functional medicine brings together the best of science-backed medicine and holistic, personalized care. 

So much of our time is spent reacting to diseases that we never get around to what is actually important, cultivating the foundation of a healthy life. The services Dr. Jennifer Mead and Entelechy Life offer can be compared to routine maintenance on your car. And not just maintenance, but upgrades as well!

We’re all about proactive care. We don’t want you to have to use health insurance, wasting money on avoidable ER visits. 

So how are we different? We do not treat diseases but rather people. We use the same diagnostic criteria to ‘diagnose,’ and if needing more specialized care, we will certainly refer you. However, our mission is to craft wellness plans focused on your unique situation. No cookie-cutter diagnoses or one-size-fits-all wellness plans. 

You’ll find that our Wichita functional medicine practice is uniquely effective!



  • Detoxification

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Hormone Balance

  • Mentoring

  • Labs

What Our Patients Say

Marti Sewester
Marti Sewester
Dr. Jenn and Leann are absolutely amazing!!! The insight, knowledge, and support I have gained over the last 6 months have vastly helped me to improve my health in so many ways. With the detailed and targeted lab work, Dr. Jenn has given me positive direction, guidance, and tools to continue on my journey to a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle. This program was the exact structure I needed. I am so grateful!
I’ve struggled with all of the various eating disorders since I was 15. Now, at age 37, for the first time in my life I decided to get help losing weight in a healthy way. Thanks to Entelechy, my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m currently halfway to my weight-loss goal, with a clear vision of how to proceed, I have loads of energy, and I’ve overcome my lifelong struggle with eating disorders! Dr. Jen and Coach Leann are very thorough, and extremely supportive! I also travel a lot and have a pretty unpredictable schedule at times. I really appreciate that appointments can be held virtually, as well as in person. If you think you’re too busy or too tired to make a change, try Entelechy Life.
Michelle Sell
Michelle Sell
Appreciated the individual personalized plan to wellness. Staff is very helpful and available to discussing any struggles with personalized guidance to problem solving as well as cheering on wins. Dr. Jenn and her staff are amazing!
Carolyn Meyers
Carolyn Meyers
I learned a lot about how to eat clean healthy food and enjoy it. They helped me figure out what most of my underlying issues were with trying to lose weight and how to resolve them.
Tammy King
Tammy King
Dr. Jenn and the team at Entelchy Life has been a godsend. I was at the end of my rope six months ago, not only struggling with infertility but also daily feeling out of control of my emotions and mental well being. After trying multiple other doctors, Dr. Jenn gave me hope that I wasn't just crazy but there was actually something wrong with my health. She and Leann walked with me each step, giving encouragement, tips and a plan to succeed in my overall long term health. At the end of my six month plan, I now have progressed to better health and see a long term plan for correcting my physical issues. And I'm pregnant! Thank you Dr. Jenn and Leann for your incredible support along this journey.
Elizabeth Franke
Elizabeth Franke
Life Changing and so worth it!
I was tired and depressed with the chronic fatigue, weight gain, gut/digestive issues, increased blood pressure, and hot flashes, struggle postmenopausal. I took the leap to seek out a Naturopathic Doctor. I'm so grateful that my search led me to Dr. Jen Meade at Entelechy. I mostly noticed a big difference when I had reached the detox stage in the program. After completing that things really turned around. I've had increased energy, wake up feeling rested, no bloating, disgestion works great, lower BP readings, weight/inches lost, physically and mentally stronger, and overall so much better. The most important thing I'd say I learned through the program is how and what to fuel my body with to have improved health and wellness. Also the better way of exercising without knocking myself out daily, which wasn't benefiting me. I would recommend Dr. Jen at Entelechy to anyone looking for a better quality of life. I've chosen to stay connected to Dr. Jenn after my completed program, for continued consults, and Leann her office staff, as it gives me a peace of mind to have them on my team for staying healthy. They are both very kind, caring, and knowledgeable.
Chris Rickerson
Chris Rickerson
Oh my goodness doctor Mead and her team completely changed my life. I will never look at food the same way again. Best investment I have ever made. I learned so much through the process. It was so amazing I put my wife through the program as well.

Dr. Jen’s Functional Medicine Story

Dr. Jenn knows what it is like to feel tired and stuck. For the last 15 years, she has applied the principles of functional medicine to her own health. In the process, she has overcome her own obstacles, and armed with this experience, is passionate about encouraging others along similar paths. Over the years, she has guided nearly a thousand others as well.

She has the knowledge, skills, energy, and passion to help you do the same! Do not wait, schedule now to start your journey! 

Get Started with Functional Medicine in Wichita!

The next step is simple. Sign up for a 15-minute discovery call. On this call, you can learn more about how functional medicine can change your life. We look forward to getting to know you.

Why Choose Entelechy Life?

Functional medicine isn’t for everyone. During your initial consultation, we will discuss whether you’re ready to make the commitment to unlocking your full potential. But we suspect that you’re ready. 

If the following describes you, then you’re a great candidate for functional medicine.

1. You want a doctor who listens and you know that it is important that he/she can really get to know you and your circumstance.

2. You want to achieve your best health possible, not just treat your symptoms.

3. You know you need a significant lifestyle change or perception shift and you know  you need accountability. 

4. You want a doctor who practices what they teach.

5. You want personalized care for your specific health situation and life circumstances

6. You want to learn to be a leader in health for your family.

7. You want to be a part of something bigger than you.

8. You are tired of making life changes only to go back to your old ways.

9. You are ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortableness of transformation.

10. You want to prevent illnesses that are running in your family line.

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