Meet Dr Lewerenz

Dr. James Lewerenz, D.O, F.A.A.R.M

Dr. James Lewerenz is a Board Certified Physician in Family Practice. He did his residency  in Family/General Practice and Emergency Medicine at Garden City Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, and Henry Ford Hospital. He received his degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (now known as A.T. Still University)  in Kirksville, Missouri.  He is an active staff physician at Beaumont Hospital, Botsford Hospital, and St. John Hospital. Dr. Lewerenz is an Assistant Clinical Professor at MSU, and an active member of American Academy of Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine, American Academy of Osteopathic Medicine, American Medical Association, and American College of Osteopathic Physicians.

Philosophy and Practice Model

Dr. James Lewerenz takes a multifaceted approach to impact the lives of his patients.  He is passionate and dedicated to bringing his personal experience, knowledge, and training to enhance one’s quality of life, at any age.

Dr.  Lewerenz provides a personalized approach to supplementation much like his patient care with Functional Medicine, closely monitoring levels through extensive bloodwork and detailed testing methods.

Dr.  Lewerenz treats patients with the goal in mind to achieve optimal ranges in bloodwork instead of reaching normal levels based on a sick population. Over the years in his practice, Dr.  Lewerenz devised ways in which he could assist patients with specific supplementation requirements.  By analyzing data, Dr.  Lewerenz formulated JV Nutraceuticals products based on the needs of patients seeking the best possible health and longevity.  Dr.  Lewerenz is excited to deliver a product line of therapeutic dosed supplements that he truly believes in.

Personal Life

Dr. James Lewerenz was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is an avid health and an outdoor enthusiast.  He participates in many sports including biking, swimming, climbing, hunting, hockey, snowboarding, squash and golf. He regularly competes in mountain bike races and tours.  Dr. James Lewerenz has sponsored the RBS cycling team for several years, including amateurs and semi-pros. He cares for many professional athletes and is also the physician for the Kronk Boxing Team.

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