IV and Injection menu for Mobile Wellness Clients

1. B-vitamin shots

Methylcobalamin or B-Complex are forms of B12 given as an injection with long lasting benefits to the nervous, blood and energy systems to help metabolism, mood, memory, detoxification, and sleep.

2. Biotin shot

Supports the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails

3. D3 shot

This fat-soluble vitamin may help the body absorb and retain calcium, it is crucial for bone health and to support healthy immunity.


Chelation 2 hour infusion to support circulation and cardiovascular health and remove heavy metals. This therapy requires heavy metal testing first. As a treatment it is alternated with vitamin drips in cycles prescribed by your practitioner.

5. Glutathione

This IV is called “the great protector” or the “mother of antioxidants”. This therapy is a free radical fighter by recharging other antioxidants and protecting our cells from the effects of sun, pollution, intense exercise or training, and chronic stress of all kinds. It is added to other IV drips as an additional benefit.   

6. Infusions of Hydration Bags

Infusions to support hydration, can be used alone or added to other treatments as needed.

7. Meyers Cocktail Vitamin and C infusion

This 1 hour infusion is packed with vitamin C, minerals, and B Vitamins. This formula supports energy, detoxification, immunity and healing due to its.

8. NAD

This powerful therapy may help your mood, alertness, mental clarity and focus. It is also beneficial for improving athletic performance and at the same time provides many anti-aging benefits. High doses are given IV, lower doses can be given as an injection.

9. Plaquex

A series of infusions used for supporting cardiovascular symptoms especially elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. The ingredient is a phospholipid that is part of healthy cell membranes and supports cellular repair.  This treatment takes 90 minutes 2 hours.

10. Silver

An immune supportive drip to be used during periods of immune imbalance.

11. Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Removal of blood due to elevated iron or hemoglobin

12. Red and blue light stim therapy

This healing light uses multiple wavelengths of amber, red, and far infrared for wrinkles and blue and red lights to treat inflammatory acne. 

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