Your new patient visit takes approximately 2 hours. To ensure your appointment begins in a timely manner, please fill out your electronic new patient paperwork PRIOR to your appointment.

Your first visit includes an extensive appointment with your healthcare provider, possibly a blood draw, live blood analysis and/or an InBody Analysis. Each visit is personalized, so your visit varies on what your specific needs are.

We do take some insurances. Please ask our staff for a current list of insurances we take.

It is common to have additional fees based on your healthcare provider recommendations. For example:

  • Live Blood Analysisii
  • Test kits
  • Supplements
  • InBody analysis
  • Therapies
  • Vitamin Injections

We only call patients if there is an abnormal result in testing that requires immediate attention. If you would like to ensure a full lab review, we recommend scheduling a follow up visit with your healthcare provider, approximately 2-3 weeks after the lab draw.

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.

  • A new patient visit is: $420
  • A new patient follow up visit is: $225
  • A routine visit is: $160

Yes, we carry high grade, therapeutic dosed, doctor recommend supplements to compliment your personalized healthcare needs. We also have an online supplement store that conveniently ships directly to your home. You can find our supplement store on our website: www.longevityhealthinstituteinc.com

Yes, we provide all your primary care needs.

Yes, Dr. Lewerenz offers a Concierge Medicine Program: Longevity Personalized Protocol. Ask our staff to learn more!

We do not offer payment plans.

No, we cannot offer discounts on visits

As a patient, you will receive e mails from time to time (for example: a birthday discount!) offering a percentage off supplements.

Yes, if recommended by your healthcare provider. IV therapy is by appointment only, for current/active patients.

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